UAE Residence Visa

Before entering the UAE, initially an investor should have a visit visa, depending on the nationality. A United States citizen does not require visit visa before entering the UAE.


Upon establishment of the new company and important documents are obtained, a foreign national or an investor is now eligible to proceed for the Application of UAE Residence visa and may relocate in the country immediately once obtained.

The Investor is also require to undertake a medical procedure as well as stamping of the visa.

The visa application is only managed by the UAE Immigration department. Whilst, Business 4 Business Consultancy can take care of all the formalities in order to generate the Residence Visa.


Employment Visa serves as an Entry Permit which is required for a person to enter the United Arab Emirates. It is a precursor to obtaining a Residence Permit within the UAE.

The minimum age limit applicable for Employment Visa is 18 years old.

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