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Business 4 Business Consultancy has a commitment to saving time and energy when creating and renewing business licenses. Its processes are being continually upgraded to maximize efficiency and encourage ease of business.

At the time of business trade license renewal, the tenancy contract must be valid. We will ensure the validity of your tenancy contract, collect activity-specific licensing approvals (if required) and apply for license renewal.

Trade License Renewal Service Includes

  • Additional License
  • Permits
  • Renew Operational Fitness Certificate

Trade Lease Renewal

We will coordinate with concerned Authorities and conduct necessary measures to acquire the renewed lease agreement.

Company Establishment Card Renewal

An establishment card is a mandatory requirement for any visa-related application. It allows a company to recruit staff from abroad and apply for foreign investors, partners, and employment visas.

For newly established companies, Establishment Card is only issued to a company already obtained its Trade License.

Business 4 Business Consultancy will help to renew the Company Establishment Card in a timely manner to avoid any fines imposed by the Authority.

Share Transfer

A company may request to transfer registered shares of the company.

A shareholder may transfer part or all of the total shares held. Registered shares may be transferred by a Share transfer form signed by the transferor, transferee and all other shareholders who will amend their shares. The authority reserves the right to request additional documents at any stage of the process if deemed required.

Pre-approval is required for all new proposed individual shareholders. This part of the application has no specific time frame.

Types of Share transfers:

  • Transfer between Existing Shareholders
  • Transfer to a New Individual Shareholder
  • Transfer to a New Company Shareholder

Power of Attorney

Business 4 Business Consultancy prepares a Power of Attorney (PoA) appointing a person to sign on your behalf. This written instrument is required for company Amendment Services in any case a person cannot personally attend to sign with the authorities.

Should you decided to prepare the PoA and there be an instance that a PoA has been prepared outside the UAE, it needs to be translated into Arabic, legally certified by the UAE embassy in your home country and then attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

Official Communications

  • Attestation Services
  • Extracts and Certificates
  • NOC Request to third-party authorities

Human Resources Consultancy

Business 4 Business Consultancy has been evolving and expanding, catering to each and every client requirement.

At B4B, a team of dedicated professionals outperforms conventional HR recruiters in providing a host of services that include HR services.

In order to adapt to market demand, we have stretched our services to HR Consultancy. We focus on developing employees and offering the best PRO services in Dubai so that they become more valuable to an organization. Our responsibilities comprise conducting job analyses, planning personnel needs, evaluating performance, resolving disputes, pro service, and communicating with all employees at all levels. We continuously work in partnership with our clients to evolve and implement HR strategy.

Our mission is to provide technical expertise across all aspects of Human Resource Management and work in partnership with our clients to help unlock the value of Human Capital.

Marketing Management

Business 4 Business Consultancy understands the significance of marketing in today’s business world. We help in planning new product development, advertising, and promotions. This also accommodates the advertising plan and implementing the plan.

We at B4B caters to clients requiring for PRO service, Marketing Assistance with Licenses of Trading, Service and General Trading who engages in the Industry of Gold and Precious Stones, Apparel, Wholesale Trade, Information Technology, Tourism, Higher Education and Consultancy.

Marketing products will include as follows:

  • Strategies on selecting the target market
  • Developing Marketing Plans
  • Formulating suitable marketing organization
  • Market Research
  • Customer Development
  • Promotions

By aligning with our clients’ requirements, we have been able to include several specialized services in our lists such as Marketing Management, Corporate Services, Cost Control & Risk Management Services, and Human Resource Consultancy. We understand that client needs are varied and disparate and hence B4B has evolved accordingly over the years in order to make every partnership worthwhile and everlasting.

Corporate Services

Business 4 Business Consultancy role is to provide a range of Corporate Services to companies in the UAE. We engage in the range of corporate secretarial services served to our clients of varying sizes, local and regional corporations.

Our expertise lies in placing our specialized experiences which is essential in providing our services used by a variety of Industries of businesses registered all over the United Arab Emirates. This include as acting as Company Secretary; proving Incorporation assistance and assistance in companies’ registration and establishing their businesses.

Cost Control & Risk Management Services

Business 4 Business Consultancy assures to provide our clients in taking steps to control and ensure that the actual cost of production does not exceed the standard cost set in advance in the planning stage.

Risk management and cost control are closely related to each other. We at B4B understands the accurate tracking of the costs of producing and selling products and/or services is a crucial activity for any organization. We identify events that might impact the performance of the project and determine how to mitigate or even prevent these potential problems from occurring.

We advise our client on how to manage their costs to ensure competitiveness in the market

It is important to keep the risk management plan active. Our team evaluates the potential risks, and reallocate the budget to properly cover them.

At B4B, we identify the risks encounter within organizations, assessing the risks, and finally take steps and develop strategies to reduce negative effects or transfer them to another party.

In order to further discuss pro service, cost control, and cost management, reach us at the contact numbers to explain how we can be of help to your organization.

For further information CONTACT US on +971 4 3604510 or EMAIL US at advisory@b4bconsultancy.com.


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