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An offshore company may be incorporated to conduct any lawful business, except as may otherwise be provided by the Authority Regulations.

Every offshore company shall keep a register of its members and enter in it –

  1. The names and addresses of its members, together with a statement of the shares held by each member, distinguishing each share by its number (so long as the share has a number); and
  2. The date on which each person was registered as a member; and
  3. The date on which any person ceased to be a member.

If an offshore company fails to comply with this Regulation, the offshore company and every officer of it who is in fault commits an offence.


All actions and administrative duties, that require dealing with Jebel Ali Authority in relation to the offshore company, are performed through the registered agent on behalf of the investor/shareholder(s).  Business 4 Business Consultancy is licensed to act as a registered agent on the investor’s behalf for Jebel Ali offshore companies. We will be responsible in liaising with Authority for company registry for the offshore company. As offshore companies are in practice not permitted to have their own registered address, the registered address of the offshore company is that of its registered agent.


An offshore company shall at all times have a registered office which must be an office maintained in the Zone by the company or an office maintained in the Zone or in Dubai by its registered agent to which all communications and notices may be addressed.

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Our Professionals will get back to you soon.


Our Professionals will get back to you soon.