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Trademark Registration in Dubai

In today’s competitive world, trademarks are extremely important. Any brand’s or company’s identity is represented by its trademark. As a result, it is critical to protect the trademark from anyone who sells counterfeit goods or services under a well-known brand’s real trademark. A unique identity can be provided to a product or business in Dubai by registering a trademark for it. In the UAE, names, logos, seal, figure, symbol, drawing, hallmark, engravings, and advertisement qualifies as a trademark. Any brand or corporation can make its presence known to consumers by employing all of these strategies or at least some of them.

Importance of Trademark Registration in Dubai

A trademark is very important in your business or company because it protects the owner by granting the exclusive right to use it when recognizing services or goods. You can also grant other people/companies permission to use your trademark in exchange for royalties.
Trademarks are a powerful marketing tool that allows new business owners to announce their presence in the market and establish themselves as a reliable company. In the event that someone infringes on your trademark, you may be able to take legal action in a court of law.

Required Documents for Trademark Registration

The following documents and details are required for filing a trademark in UAE:

  • Logo of the trademark
  • Copy of the trading license
  • Proof of payment of a fee
  • Passport copy
  • Power of Attorney
  • List of goods
  • Contact details of the applicant

How B4B Consultants can help?

We, at B4B Consultancy, are professional business advisors specialize in all legal requirements for establishing a company in the United Arab Emirates. We can help you get through the trademark registration process correctly and successfully with our expertise and deep understanding of the legal system. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!